Risk Management and Loss Control

Clarkson Insurance Brokers Ltd provide specialized risk management services. This Involves carrying out comprehensive assessment and analysis of risk and exposures, designing various treatment methods to ensure optimum return on equity.

Risk Surveys and Audits

We carry out the following services: -
i. Comprehensive risk surveys to Identify areas of inherent risks and exposures and suggest appropriate economic risk control measures.
ii. Comprehensive risk audits to identify risk management practice weaknesses and establish risk control implementation status and suggest appropriate remedial measures.

Portfolio Evaluation and Rating

Evaluate and rate the impact of Risk Management activities on risk quality vis-a-vis insurance and show the benefits.

Insurance Programme Analysis and Review

i. Monitor /review risk management and insurance programs in relation to market trends / benefits and suggest cost effective revisions in risk treatment strategies to ensure they continue to be pre-emptive and responsive to potential risks and exposures.
ii. Prepare superior presentation of the clients insurance portfolio for the consumption of the Insurance market

Risk Standards Entrenchment and Training

Support any existing in-house Risk Management Programme through provision of a help line on related issues, e.g., participation in standards entrenchment, training and awareness programs.

Derivation of Optimum Deductible Levels

Analyze historical data and suggest optimum levels of deductibles to adopt for each policy.

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