Claims Management


  • Incident Notification Immediately report the incident giving rise to a claim to the Clarkson claims team, giving details of what happened.
  • Claim Registration - Upon receipt of the notification, the claims team shall confirm policy liability, and validity of cover and register the claim in the system within 24 hours.
  • Claim Acknowledgement - Upon registration of the claim, the claims team shall within 24 hours respond to and advise on assessment & documentation which should be submitted for review.
  • Claim Discharge - Upon reviewing the documents and assessment, a discharge voucher will be issued to be signed & returned for settlement by cheque or EFT payment.
  • Claim Settlement Clarkson will pursue all claim payments from insurers to be processed faster and within the regulator`s timelines.

File a Claim

Take action today and file your insurance claim promptly! Contact us, provide essential information, and follow the process diligently. Your timely action can help you get the compensation you deserve when you need it most.