Clarkson offers the following life covers for customers : Life Assurance Products 1. Group Life Assurance A Group Life policy is arranged for employees of a company, to provide a lump sum amount for a deceased employee's beneficiaries. Cover is normally based on a multiple of an employee's annual salary A Funeral Expense Rider can be incorporated in the Group Life policy to provide for the deceased member's burial costs. Cover can also be arranged for individual members, for example the self-employed people who may not constitute a group. 2. Mortgage Protection Assurance This cover pays the outstanding Mortgage loan to the financiers in the event of the death of a borrower. This ensures that the beneficiaries of a deceased borrower do not lose the asset financed if the borrower dies before redeeming the loan borrowed. 3. Credit Life Assurance As with the Mortgage protection, this policy pays out the outstanding loan on the death of the borrower. The credit Life policy is however restricted to low amounts of cash, usually up to Kshs. 1,000,000/= 4. Term Assurances Term Assurances are ideal for young families, where a lump sum, usually know as the Sum Assured, is paid out on the death of the insured person. This eases the burden on the surviving family in the event of the death of the breadwinner. 5. Endowment Assurance This product provides a combination of life cover with an investment element. It pays out the sum assured on the death of the life assured or, on survival to the end of the policy term, it pays out the maturity value. This is in contrast with the Term Assurance, which does not pay anything on the survival of the life assured to the end of the policy term.