Clarkson Last Mile

The Last Mile Product ensures security when faced with the unfortunate demise of a loved one, assisting you in planning better for the future and avoiding financial burden. As you lay your loved one to rest, take heart knowing your needs are met. Don’t wait until it is time to attend the harambee, plan now knowing the inevitable is secure.

Occupation Retirement Benefit Scheme

This benefit is set up as defined contribution schemes where both the employer and employees contributes a certain amount as determined at the onset of the scheme. Under this scheme, there are two services, namely:
  • Deposit Administration (Fund Management) and
  • Benefits/Scheme Administration.
At the time of retirement, the overall benefit is determined by the total amount of contributions and the accrued interest earned on the contributions.

Group Personal Pension Plan

As an employer, you need to be able to attract and retain high calibre staff. One of the ways in which several leading organizations do this is through the establishment of a Retirement Benefits Scheme. The principle objective of Employers setting up a Retirement Benefits Scheme is to provide:-
  • Tax benefits for their employees while in employment upon their retirement and
  • Financial security benefits upon their retirement
  • Widows/widowers and dependents’ benefits in the event of death before retirement

Pension Schemes

These are schemes that provide a retiring member with a regular pension, unlike the provident fund schemes which pay out a lump sum payment. A retiring member is allowed under the law to withdraw up to 1/3 of the accumulated amount as a lump sum, and the balance utilized to buy a pension.

Provident Fund Schemes

These are arranged by an employer to provide for their employees a lump sum amount on their retirement. The employer may decide to contribute and exempt the employees from contributing, although in most schemes both the employer and employees contribute towards the fund. On retirement a lump sum amount is paid to the retiring member.

Single Premium Immediate Annuity

A single premium immediate annuity is a contract with an insurance company whereby you pay them a sum of money up front and they pay you a certain amount of money periodically for the rest of your life.


An individual may wish to utilize a lump sum amount to purchase an annuity. This is a regular payment made to a retired member. An annuity may be funded from the proceeds of a provident scheme. The annuity ensures that the recipient continues receiving the regular payment for a longer duration

Personal Pension

As people develop through their lifetime they have an expectation that a time will come when they will be able to retire. For some people the State pension is sufficient to provide a basic level of income. Others may have an opportunity to accumulate wealth without using pension schemes - perhaps through their business ventures or other assets. But most people will want to supplement what they have with some form of pension scheme. Many employers also take the view that, while their employees are working, they should be building up an entitlement to a pension when they retire. Pension arrangements have a number of advantages:
  • When people come to retire they will experience a reduction in income - a pension makes up for some of this loss of income in retirement.
  • Pension schemes can provide protection in the form of lump sums and pensions to dependents in the event of a member's death;
  • In order to encourage pension schemes, the State provides tax relief on contributions made to pension schemes and the growth in their investments.

Endowment Assurance

This product provides a combination of life cover with an investment element. It pays out the sum assured on the death of the life assured or, on survival to the end of the policy term, it pays out the maturity value. This is in contrast with the Term Assurance, which does not pay anything on the survival of the life assured to the end of the policy term.

Term Assurances

Term Assurances are ideal for young families, where a lump sum, usually known as the Sum Assured, is paid out on the death of the insured person. This eases the burden on the surviving family in the event of the death of the breadwinner.

Credit Life Assurance

As with the Mortgage protection, this policy pays out the outstanding loan on the death of the borrower. The credit Life policy is however restricted to low amounts of cash, usually up to Kshs. 1,000,000/=

Mortgage Protection Assurance

This cover pays the outstanding Mortgage loan to the financiers in the event of the death of a borrower. This ensures that the beneficiaries of a deceased borrower do not lose the asset financed if the borrower dies before redeeming the loan borrowed.

Group Life Assurance

A Group Life policy is arranged for employees of a company, to provide a lump sum amount for a deceased employee's beneficiaries. Cover is normally based on a multiple of an employee's annual salary A Funeral Expense Rider can be incorporated in the Group Life policy to provide for the deceased member's burial costs. Cover can also be arranged for individual members, for example the self-employed people who may not constitute a group.

Medical Insurance

Under Clarkson's Medical covers, you enjoy benefits such as:-
  • Customized medical covers from a selection of underwriters to suit client's needs.
  • Administration of flexible Self-Funded Medical Schemes.
  • Confidential maintenance of Scheme Records and Member data.
  • Access to a countrywide panel of Service Providers
  • Medical Photo Cards for easy identification at the point of service.
  • Facilitation of admissions / discharges from hospitals.
  • Case Management.
  • 24 Hr. Help lines.
  • Benefit Utilization Reports.
  • Free Health Talks / Member Education.
  • Discounted rates from Service Providers accruing from large business volumes.
  • Claims administration anchored on a most reliable Medical System
  • Peace of mind and medical services 24 hrs a day 7 seven days a week anywhere anytime
Medical Products available at Clarkson Insured Schemes These are offered by Insurance Companies and Medical Insurance Providers and they are sourced and Serviced by Clarkson Self-Funded Schemes These are managed by:
  • Insurance Companies
  • Medical Insurance Providers
  • Fund Administrators (Clarkson)
Hybrid Schemes Normally described as the best of both worlds where the In Patient is Insured and Out Patient is Self-Funded. This is the most popular product with private and NGOs due to its flexibility in terms of benefits and scheme rules. Individual / Family Products
  1. These products are offered by Insurance Companies and HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)
  2. Sourced and serviced by Clarkson
Benefits available under the above schemes
  • In Patient Cover
  • Out Patient Cover
  • Dental Cover
  • Optical Cover
  • Maternity Cover
  • Last Expense Cover
  • Emergency Treatment Cover
  • Excess of Loss Covers
  • Travel Insurance
Scope of Our Covers: At Clarkson, all covers are arranged on a Super Enhanced Basis and Credit Facilities are set up on behalf of our clients. What does the term SUPER ENHANCED mean? It simply means tailor made medical covers by Clarkson to include the following:
  • HIV / Aids related illnesses
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Congenital Defects
  • Vaccinations
  • Pre-mature babies
  • Annual Medical Check-Ups
  • Covid-19 Related Conditions
It is critical to note that all covers are issued subject to policy terms and conditions.

Professional Indemnity Cover

This policy covers legal liability for the consequence of error, omission or negligence, professional conduct and execution of the defined activities. It also covers the costs and expenses incurred in defense/settlement of a claim.

Directors’ And Officers’ Liability

Directors’ & Officers’ Liability Insurance is very often referred to as D&O Insurance. It is in essence a Professional Indemnity Policy meant for the Management Team of a company. Succinctly put it is a Management Liability Policy. Losses covered under the policy include:
  • Judgements
  • Settlements
  • Defense Costs
  • Management Liability
  • Protection of Non-Executive Board Members

Burglary Insurance

Loss of or damage to the property insured whilst contained in the business or trade premises arising from theft consequent upon actual
  • Theft consequent upon actual forcible and violent entry into the insured premises
  • Theft or any attempt thereat by a person feloniously concealed on the said premises
  • Hold up or armed robbery
  • Damage to the building due to theft or attempt thereat.

Group Personal Accident

The group personal accident cover provides compensation to the employees of the insured for physical and visible body injury caused in an accident, as well as injuries that result in death or disablement. The policy provides employees as well as employee families with protection against accidents while on the job. It is best for corporates and institutions. The Personal accident cover provides compensation to the insured for physical and visible body injury caused in an accident. It goes on further to cover individuals if the injury as a sole cause results in death or disablement. This cover may be extended, at an additional charge, to include additional risks such as riot & strikes.

Public Liability

The policy protects the insured against legal liability to 3rd Party for damages in respect of:-
  1. Death or bodily injury including illness
  2. Loss or damage to tangible property occurring within the territorial limits and arising in the course of or in connection with the insured’s business
Exclusions includes:
  • Liability arising from Chemical/ Biological substances
  • Terrorism
  • Political violence


Covers all employees against accidental death and/or injury in accordance with the benefits specified in the policy. This will include permanent, contract, temporary, and casual employees. Benefits includes:
  • 24 HR worldwide cover payable upon death arising from ( accidental & occupational causes)
  • Permanent & total disability
  • Temporary & total Disability
  • Medical reimbursement

Domestic Package

Domestic package is very critical in our homes in case of fire, terror attacks, and earthquakes. Having the domestic package puts one’s mind at ease knowing that you’ll be compensated in such cases. Household appliances are protected against theft, explosions and fire. Third party liabilities and domestic employees are covered from accidental bodily injury or death. This is a combined policy for homeowners. It covers the building itself, contents whilst in the house and outside the house, house servants against death or injury whilst in the course of employment and personal legal liability to third parties.

Travel Insurance

This cover is taken up before embarking on a trip outside your home country that offers you protection in case of any unforeseen circumstances while on your trip. Designed for travel all over the world, enjoy cover for anything from medical expenses and assistance, travel delay or flight cancellation, hospital allowance, personal accident cover, baggage loss etc.

Motor Private

Motor Private Insurance policy provides cover for insured’s vehicle against financial loss and legal liability arising from accidental damage, fire, theft and malicious damage. There are 3 types of coverage under motor insurance:
  • Third Party: Covers third party bodily injury and property damage arising out of a vehicle accident.
  • Third party Fire & Theft: Cover extends to cover theft, fire, third party bodily injury and property damage.
  • Comprehensive: Covers third party liability and property damage to the vehicle i.e. damage arising out of fire, theft and accidental damage to the vehicle.

Personal Accident Cover

We offer a cover against injuries, disability or death caused solely by an accident. A major accident can suddenly disrupt your entire life. It’s better to stay protected with our personal accident insurance.