Mwanaidy Hamdani | Underwriting Officer

Mwanaidy is the Underwriting Officer for Clarkson Insurance Brokers-Tanzania. She oversees General Insurance underwriting and clients’ relationship management.

Hasan Yusuph Kazi | Insurance Officer

Hassan is the Insurance Officer for Clarkson Insurance Brokers – Tanzania. He joined Clarkson in 2017 and is responsible for technical operations, insurance broking, claims handling and accounts servicing. Hassan holds a Diploma in Insurance.

Judith Sangu | Business Development Executive

Judith is the Business Development Executive with experience in General Insurances and Business Relationship Management in the insurance industry in Tanzania. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations.

Mariam Charles | Accountant

Mariam is the Accountant for Clarkson Insurance Brokers-Tanzania. He joined Clarkson in 2018 with wealth of experience in Organizing Financial Information, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Compliance.

Sebastian Nkrumah | Managing Director/Principal Officer

Sebastian is the Managing Director and Principal Officer Clarkson Insurance Brokers-Tanzania. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Insurance & Risk Management and Certificate in IT.