Claims processing is the most important part of any insurance. Client service is of paramount importance to us and as we have grown to become a significant and major broker, we have been careful to maintain our professionalism and integrity on claims service and processing. In servicing an insurance programme the Insurance Broker should ensure that all claims are handled and concluded with minimum delay. The Claims personnel at Clarkson will provide everything on claims handling, administration and management by making sure we provide quality claims service and equitable settlement to our clients who rely on us. We are committed to provide our clients with a range of services from troubleshooting when things do not run smoothly, to full hands-on management of a claim, including attendance at meetings to explain claims requirements to our clients, discussing with Loss adjustors and other service providers appointed for the claim processing and negotiating with the Insurance Companies, thereby making the claims process more efficient. To achieve this commitment, Clarkson as your broker takes the initiative to:-
  • advice whether the loss is covered,
  • advice whether the claim is admissible
  • advice whether the claim has been reported on time
  • make sure the claim is fully documented, or the requisite documents
  • contact and make sure the loss adjuster/assessor/investigator receives full co-operation from all concerned
The following is the ideal procedure we would follow as the Insurance Broker:- 1) Provide the insured with a write-up on the preliminary, technical and physical procedure to follow on claims under each of the different classes of insurance. 2) Maintain a record of claims, in the form of a register which is regularly updated and may be reviewed with the insured. 3) On the happening of the loss or damage and on receiving notification;
  • Promptly report the claim to the Insurance Company
  • Provide you with claim forms for the respective claim reported to us, which you shall have to fill in and return
  • Ensure the prompt appointment of a loss adjuster or assessor where one is required and follow up to ascertain that the loss adjuster or assessor proceeds to visit the site of the loss or damage for investigation and/or assessment.
  • Depending on the nature, magnitude or seriousness of the loss or damage, send a representative to the site
  • Maintain a constant track of the Adjuster's investigation or adjustment of the loss
  • Give advice and assist in the completion of claim forms, where necessary, and the compiling of the required claims supporting documents and/or any other details
  • Follow up the Insurance Company to ensure that where a claim has been fully documented, it is promptly settled
  • In the case of motor vehicle claims, constantly check with the garage and ensure that repairs are carried out without undue delay
  • In respect of legal liability claims ensure that prompt attention is accorded to legal procedures for instance, summons to enter appearance in court are passed on to or advised to the Insurance Company for immediate action.
4) In general, negotiate all claims with the Insurance Company to a satisfactory conclusion in the best possible interest of the insured. 5) Regularly appraise the insured of changes in any relevant legislation and procedures. To assist us achieve quick and amicable settlement of your claim, it is imperative that you do the following:-
  • Notify us as soon as possible of any potential claim
  • Take all reasonable steps to secure your property to prevent further damage
  • Notify the Police or any other relevant authority of any loss suffered, where applicable
  • If another party is involved get full details, name, address, phone number, vehicle details
  • Where necessary, avail witnesses and prevail on them to cooperate with appointed representatives

Claims Procedure

A. Motor Accident Claims Procedures
In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, there are several things you should do to make the insurance claims process as smooth as possible and help get you back on the road faster.
  • Try to remain calm.
  • Make sure everyone is alright and in case of injury please seek medical attention immediately.
  • Do not admit fault to anyone.
  • Ensure to involve the police. Allow them to control the accident scene and help determine who is at fault.
  • Discuss the accident only with the police and your insurance representative. During the claims process, if another party to the accident please refers any queries about the accident to your claims representative.
  • Ensure to obtain any relevant information from everyone involved in the accident. Information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and motor insurance details are important.
  • You may want to take photos of the scene and damaged motor vehicle, road marks and any other features of the accident scene.
  • Report the incident immediately to your broker or insurance company.
B. All other Claims - Procedures
  • Report the incident immediately to your broker or insurance company
  • Make sure you obtain all documents that confirm/support your claim and forward these to your broker or insurance company without delay
  • For all road accidents or theft cases, make sure there is police involvement
  • For all liability cases, make sure to forward to your broker or insurance company, all unanswered demand letters, summons and any other legal document served upon you
  • In cases where you are covered and your Company polices, make sure you liaise with your insurance office or relevant office on how to make a claim and necessary documents
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